Things to add with screenshot ideas @Liza


Features to add:
•Draw a picture
•Custom sounds
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This would be all great!!!!!


Good idea! But the custom sounds part, ehhh, not too positive (I'm a pessimist).

Downside of custom sounds

People might record bad sounds like someone passing out gas (please don't flag) and use it to make rude humor. I
And it seems not all people like that. :confused:


Maybe, the custom sound project gets sent to a real Hopscotch Team person and that person checks if there are inappropriate words. If there's no inappropriate words, they will publish it.


LOL!!! Sorry this is off topic, but there's an email that says I responded to your comment recently. PERFECT TIMING!!! :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah I noticed that too! Lol, also these ideas are awesome but like what @comicvillestudios said people might do inappropriate stuff so the Hopscotch Team should check it before it goes public.


But might take a while though, it might take hours when you urgently need it, or even months!!!!


Yeah that's true.... Just agreeing...


Exactly what I was trying to tell you! To @Isaacwotwot


I don't think you replied to me. I just get Email when someone comments on a post that I don't even know about or when someone makes a new post.


Whatever. It still showed a notification :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yes, true. But it will be very difficult to watch every sound on every project, don't you think? Maybe.