Things That Need To Be In Hopscotch



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In This Topic We Will Talk About Stuff That You Want In Hopscotch.
Here Are A Few Things I Would Love a to Have

1 - A Thing Where It Displays Tome As In When You Hit 60 Seconds It Shows 1 Minute and so on. Maybe we can call a value :stopwatch: or :alarm_clock: To Clarify That It Is A Timer

2 - Google Cardboard Support So You Can Make Virtual Realality In Hopscotch

3 - A Featire Where You Can Delete Stuff/Clones So You Can Add More To Games Like If You Don't Need A Character No More You Can Add A Rule Where It Deletes It/Clears It


Google cardboard seems a little advanced, remember hopscotch is suppost to be simple! But still it would be awesome :smiley:


Maybe you can download a different type of hopscotch for more advanced coders like me. And Maybe They Will Add Virtual Realality Too It.


That really sounds like a good idea, but I think they still want to work on the main version right now.


You can code suggestion 1 already. Like others have said, I think Google cardboard support would be a little too advanced. But I do like suggestion 3. Maybe you could add your ideas to another topic that's already like this?


I have made that before! Maybe I could help show you how to make one.


I don't get this... You want what exactly? A timer because I've made a clock... A timer would be similar…?


When you make a timer it goes past 60. But i want it where when it its 60 it displays 1 minute and keep going up


This is what I wish they could add


I have that in my CoSine clock… I'll get a link:


Like I said, you can code a clock like that. Here is a project that I coded that is like the clock you wanted.


I wish you could use images.


Also I wish you could copy and paste ability. Sometimes I do all the code in one game, than have to do it all over instead.


I just create my own clock but I mean without using so many values and you will just op use one value


In case anyone missed this lol


I made an AMASING STOPWATCH, but only 7 views and no likes. Took 2 days to make!


What's it called? Do you have a link? What's your HS username??
I'd like to see it!!!


For #3 of your suggestions: Duh! Just delete the character! Or put Set Invisibility Percent: 100!
For #2 of your suggestions: I don't think so, that would be pricy.
For #1 of your suggestions: Just code it with values! Isn't the answer obvious?


Delete the character you don't really understand what I mean. I mean that say if there are 526 clone or whatever and you can't add more I want it where you can delete the clones and add more


Wouldn't that just be reprogramming them?