Things I want to see in future updates


Heres a list of things i want to see in hopschotch
A folower count
More detailed stats number of likes/remixes recived ect.
Plz add more (i know i will)


They used to have have a follower count, but they took it out cause I think cause of popularity and people not being popular


I’m confused. Can u rephrase?


So they used to have a follower Could two years ago I think, or something like that. But then they took it away because of people think that they are not popular cause they don’t have lots of followers


Ah ok. I still think they should have one


Here is a list you can add to:


Did they? Maybe I was a little too late for that awww


You can already see that.

Also they used to have numbers of remixes


They didn’t.

They used to have remix count.


No. They didn’t.


I’m sure they did😕

Maybe I am wrong tho😞


I would re,ember them removing that.


Well I might be wrong then but oh well it was a while ago


I think THT doesn’t add follower counts, even though so many people request it, because it can bring down others and make them more like-hungry. AKA, more hungry for likes, followers, and general activity on their account, on both hopscotch and forum. I do agree with this, but I think, like youtube, we should do one of those rounding things, where they like round to the nearest thousand or something, but not EXACT!

Hope that made sense…


@Liza @Rodrigo @Hopscotch I fell like you should have a leveling system, so you get xp from posting projects liking and getting likes, followers, remixes, etc. Also I feel like listing a persons featured and trending projects wouldn’t be bad since they will see it’s featured anyways. Also I feel like forum accounts should blend over into the app so if you are a regular on the forums you are too on the app. Also I mentioned this before but I would love save states. So if you are playing a game based on points and shops like clickers and stuff you can save your progress.


I don’t really see how that would work.


They did?

I don’t remember that :thinking:


I’m sure they used to…

…But maybe I’m really wrong, idk anymore

@Liza, @Rodrigo @anyoneelsethatknows come look at this topic,
and also tell me I’m wrong so I’m not just saying random stuff


Are you sure? I have been on hopscotch from the start and i never saw it


I’ve been on since April 2015

Idk now cause I’m the only one that thinks it, yea I’m probably wrong I’m just making myself look bad