Things Have Changed


Yeah, so I've been here nearly 500 days on the forum. It just seems... different. In addition to that, I've gotten back together with some old friends, school's really demanding, and... yeah.

I might be leaving the forum.

I don't know yet. I've already been more inactive, I haven't posted in two days. Doesn't seem like much, but if you know me, then you'd probably know I'm usually really active on here.

Maybe I'll feel different after I get back from my break from Hopscotch, but I don't know. If I get a new spark here, then I'll probably recycle this topic. But if not, thanks to everyone. I'll make a final list of shoutouts if I do decide to leave.

Thanks for everything, guys.


Please don't BFF I am your favorites by the way please don't or else I will be sad you are positive and joyful to talk to


It's up to you but I'm sure lots of people don't want you to leave including me

But as I said before it's all your choice as your an amazing spectacular Hopscotcher!!


Puppy dogggg


Oh, okay. ;-;
The forum has evolved so much, and not really in a good way…
Just in case:
You've really done a lot to the forum, all for the good. You're really helpful and contribute a lot to useful topics! Your coding is very awsum, as evidenced by the Features you've gotten on your own projects and collaborations! You're great at trail art, pixel art, games, and music!
As a final note, exotic butters.
k maybe bai


What I really should say: "Need to be calm-It's CreativeCoder's choice to leave"
What I think: "Noooooooooo! No more people leaving! Then it causes a chain reaction..."

Think it over during your break. It's your choice.


tiny bump




Wow. I know you'll make the right choice for you in the end.


Disky's leaving!:scream:

We'll see ya. Hope we can see you soon and good luck in school.:slight_smile:


Aww don't leave. Your great!


I agree the forums is way worse now, there's a bunch of random topics and general topics and it kind of ■■■■■ now


Disky NO this is an order NO do NOT leave who will make smishy die then...


Oh man
More and more great people leaving


I completely understand your decision.
shhh its not like i am supposed to be gone or anything


I'm thinking the same thing ;-;

It's not the same, I find no pleasure going in here whatsoever.

NOOOOO ;-;-;-;
I wish you well in th rest of your life!
I was actually about to make my leaving topic as well.



I totally understand. I might not have been here for a long time, but from what I saw during my journey here, there's been way more drama and flame wars than usual. There's almost one sign of drama every day. o-o

With the exception of friends here to help me whenever I get into drama, (which has happened to me twice over the course of two months) ((I seriously don't want to get in drama. There were bullies that tried to change my feelings on myself... they did.)) I would definitely leave the forum.

If you do, I'll really truly miss you. Getting to know you on docs was really fun, and Sheniqua is just plain amazing.

Right, Sheniqua? (ಠ‿ಠ✿)


Nuuu.. you can't leave ;-;
I know it isn't official, but here is what i have to say to you before you leave...

You are an amazing person Disky. You impacted the forum so much with your almost tow years here. You've shown leadership, friendship, smartness, and so much more to the hopscotch community. You are an amazing hop and I hope that you'll come b so with your spark and keep coding your creative projects.

You may not have noticed me much throughout my laif here, and that's okay. I look up to you and you are my role models. When I'm down, I seriously stalk you general topic. It seriously makes me happy. Don't question why XD

I don't know if you ever considered me as a friend, a role model, a senpai, or anything like that, but I considered you as all of those. You hold a special place on the forum and hopscotch. You came never be replaced.

I will miss you so much. You are so amazing, kind, and clever. You are funny, nice, and was such a good friend to all. You also have an amazing profile pic. Have I told you that yet?

You are really amazing. If you leave, you'll have no idea how much notbonly me, but the whole forum community will miss you. You've impacted everyone so much, that even the newest people can call you a best friend and the strongest role model ever lived.

I completely agree about how the forum is breaking apart. For reals this time. Things have changed, like you said. I totally respect your deseicion. OSrry if that sounded like sarcasm D:

You are a legendary Hopscotcher who coded games, trail art, and so much more. If you leave, I will miss you, as you are an amazing hop. Bye.


CreativeCoder is leaving?!?!
Oh well, I can understand things are getting a bit crazy...
And you have to leave
Oh well :pensive:


I know right ;-;
I'm just glad I have friends and supporters there to support me :D

It's really flmetthese days. I want it to calm down :D