Things are to happen not to long from now



I’m honestly thinking I shouldn’t release this


I’m excited!


Tomorrow, it all goes down to this…

Tomorrow you face your enemy in a fight, for a trophy and you think to yourself, all this over a trophy? Yes.
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Watch that vocabulary there


Just to let you guys know, I actually had something I was really proud of. I wanted to create a whole boss fight with a different style I haven’t seen before on Hopscotch. Unfortunately, the project became laggy under certain circumstances and couldn’t be released. One thing is that I actually didn’t have what I wanted finished, I was gonna make it longer with a more variety in different moves you had to dodge, and when getting close to the attacks you had to dodge caused the project to lag causing the animation timings to be incorrect. Meaning all the timing was synced up correct but when the boss attacked it lagged because your character was close to the object. For some reason when your character was close enough to an object that reacts to when it’s touched by that object it lags with big projects, and all the reaction was is that a couple of texts fade in so I don’t know what happened there.
I am really sorry this project turned out to be another flop, and I tried really hard to get it done. The only thing I’m doing right now is working on dodge 2, and it might even be my last project for a long time.
If I come up with something of course I’m gonna come back and work on it, but for now, it’s just dodge 2 which I have pretty big plans for so stay tuned for more posts on that.
That’s all I got for now, again really sorry it turned out to fail like a couple others that I worked hard on.
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No need to apologize! It’s probably not your fault the project lags, the editor decides to be a pain for everyone sometimes! Hope the editor doesn’t give you anymore trouble and Goodluck with dodge 2! I’m excited to see it!


Thanks a lot, just wish I could get it out there working properly


Keep the project around, maybe an update or two from the Hopscotch team will fix it some day


Yea they never emailed me back about my project committing delete.exe


It’s normal
The number of failed projects equal the number of successful ones, for me


That is really sad. It is okay though, and it is definetly not something you should feel bad about! Good luck with the other projects. But please stay. It is your decision, but it would be super sad to see you leave.


Leaving isn’t the plan


Good! Maybe I didn’t read the post above enough or something.