Things are to happen not to long from now



Stop, it isn’t real, and it will never be real


Even if +2 isn’t real, -1 will destroy us all


There is no such thing


And also THT should have a “no advertising” rule like Scratch
That’s not fair if I don’t advertise so I get less likes
Plus if everyone advertises it would be annoying


What are you saying is clickbait?


There is no clickbait here


Your trials are almost finished, rejoice, as you are about to face something big. He goes by the name Armatron, he is sure to destroy you…
Don’t worry, you can try again… at a cost of starting over… completely

Tag List



Big whoop… I’m ready to nail these challenges!


@Yusamac205 just make sure you don’t fail, it’s going to be hard. No instructions, no shortcuts, no help.
Just going in with no knowledge of what you just entered.


Just rename the topic “Coding Tests! Win a trophy!” or something I don’t know
But you don’t need to do that oh well


But that’s not what this is…


Well then what is it?


I’ve been giving hints this whole time, haven’t you read them?


This “trials” thing is

  1. Too reminscient of the hacker stuff that happened a year ago
  2. Edgy, and
  3. Cringy please stop


I don’t listen to such haters…


Oh okay
put me on your tag list please


Sure thing


Wow looks like we have an edge lord on our hands


Oof I might want to be taken off the tag list… this is starting to get argumentative


but it’s nowhere near an argument