They think I cheated on a lottery!



When I was browsing the #games tab, I found a lottery project REMIX so I tried my luck and I got 49. I shared it and a few minutes later I got a reply from the ORIGINAL projects creator saying I cheated! I wrote back to the projects creator saying that I REMIXED, and I didn't use the real project. Well I looked at the code and in the number rule, the remixer (not me) had put set text pick random 49-50! I havn't got a reply yet. What shall I do??? Help @alish @Liza @t1_hopscotch will I get kicked from Hopscotch


Off course not.
Nothing will happen, it's not a big deal just forget about it.
1-You didn't cheat
2-Even if you did the Hopscotch team won't penalize you

The only thing that you could of been penalized for are:
-Replacing credits by your name
-Expose innaropriate content


Thank you for your help!!!


No Problem, don't think about it too much, thinking about it won't solve any problems, but forgeting it will, you did well to make a topic about this.
If you need more help make another topic about it, the forum is made to help everyone, you will probably find a quick reply.


Don't worry about it, I saw at least 20 remixes of Tap Warrior where the game was recoded to cheat with unlimited money and super fast damage. This doesn't worry me because i'm not making any money from this game and not suffering any losses from other ppls remixes. I value the opinions of friends on the Hopscotch forum allot more than complete strangers that give hearts and follows.


Someone did put their name instead of my friends name on my friends (harry lol ###) game! It's was all his and my work not his! I don't want to name who but I'll email the Hopscotch team about it.