They are changing hopscotch


Pay-to-play ruins a game if they do I will most likely leave and a lot will and it creates a unfair system to pay to get plublicity and everything will go downhill don't do it


I agree, but Hopscotch does need to make money.
A better idea is to have two versions: A free version and a full version, both of which get updates.


I don't think they are ruining hopscotch at all! We don't have to pay to play the app, we have to pay to get new features. Which is something that we can choose to do, we don't have to! :D

I don't know if I worded that well but okay. XD


It does seem unfair, it does to me too a little. But as @MobCraft said, they do need the money.


The only part that I don't like is the fact that the free version will not get any new updates. It'll just collect dust.


Wait really? Ok, good! I dont want to pay. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::smiley_cat:


That's... not true at all. Free version will continue to be updated, paid will just have images and perhaps later extra blocks.


well its OFFICAL THT has added a new character to hopscotch your mothers credit card


Well, I'm 90 percent sure that that is what is happening.

If we do have to pay to play it now, I am not good at reading carefully. XD


Ok, what? Also, they are not "ruining Hopscotch".


I agree!


They're not ruining hopscotch.
Pretend there's no update. You still get the same features. Now a new update comes out where you have the option to pay to get new features, but you can have a free game, just not updated. Now you're complaining that you'll leave.

You can have a free game. You just won't have pictures. Is it that big of a deal?


I really want pictures, but I don't like the idea of a subscription.


May i change the title a bit? Its a little rude.


They aren't ruining the game. Plus you don't have to even pay to play!

If you have concerns perhaps you could email to let THT know


@Bomb_sauce? Can happyfacegirl change the title please?


I dissagree. For one hopscotch isn't pay to play. Second, it's really not a big deal. You can still code stuff

I just read a few of the reviews for the new update, and I have to say, I'm pretty annoyed

People, ITS REALLY NOT A HUGE DEAL. You can pay to get new features, they didn't ruin hopscotch!!!!!!

It's really annoying me. THT worked hard on this update, and they need money, and now people are saying they ruin hopscotch just because you need to pay to get pictures!


I agree! :smile::smile:


These people are just reviewing Hopscotch.
I'm sure other apps have some good reviews and some bad ones.
It's normal for an app to get a non-perfect review.
Poor people (like in review #5) can't afford Hopscotch, but they want the features.
I'm sure there are even more good reviews!