#thetruest [NaF CHALLENGE #4] [FEBRUARY 2018]



distant chanting
ship ship ship sHIP SHIP SHIP SHIP SH I P

Welcome, @NaF members, to your February challenge!

In correspondence with the month’s signature holiday, this challenge will be in the spirit of love. Hopefully, it’s universal enough without being too cliché. X3

your challenge <3

Draw a couple doing something romantic. You could use your fictional OTP, a canon fictional pairing, characters you’ve made yourselves, your friends (permission first!) or even inanimate objects. The idea is to capture the spirit of love in any form.

For ideas, a Google search for “otp 30 day challenge” yields some adorable scenarios that might spark your inspiration. Good luck! <3

With last month’s winners, I introduced the members’ choice prize with the promise of details to come. Basically, members can submit nominations for the prize throughout the challenge period. The day before the due date, I’ll put up a poll with the nominations, and the winning artist will receive the members’ choice prize! No self-nominations, please! :D

The members’ choice poll will go up on February 25th, entries will be due the 26th, and I’ll try to get the winners out before the 28th. Winners will be chosen from the sodium and fluorine categories, and I’ll try again to stir up some facts about the mascot molecule.

Bonne chance, mes copains!


:eyes: heere we gooOOOOOOOOO

thanky serenity!! will work on that now


Ahhh yes! I literally have so many ships this is great

Quick question: I keep forgetting, am I a member? If not, can I join?


I still don’t know if I am in the club @Serenity


Yas the ships! This will be a great challange, going to sign up for your group later.


If you found this topic because you were tagged, you’re a member. If not, I can look your name up in the group and confirm for you.

@HopscotchRemixer ^^^^^^^^


Alrighty, thank you! I was tagged, so Ill take that as a yes :P


Oh gosh… time to draw some wEIrd StUFf


starts to explode


Well uh I was tagged but I am not in the group


huh. NaF was the only tag I used. You sure you’ve never submitted a membership application?


I submitted an application but I am not in a group


I’ll see if I can get this done. If I don’t get it done, I’m busy cause of school.
Challenge sounds great tho :000


I’m not gay, I’m a 6th grader who knows nothing about love XD. I like to think outside the box!! Also I can’t draw boys well!


Can I join anyway? :stuck_out_tongue: I would probably do bad


Oh this will be fun ;3
Expect some gay art coming up lol


Let’s go for the fanfictions


Here we go June and Day comin’ right up I need to stop drawing themm
no wait I don’tttttt


Too many ideas :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:
Maybe I could do my two apple and orange peeps?
:triumph::triumph::triumph: so hard to choose!


I decided to use one couple from a dream I had

Studying !
So I was wondering if any of you wanted to here the story. It’s short

  • Yes! But do it on another topic
  • Nah I’ll pass
  • Yes do it on this topic

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