Theres this guy who just goes on hopstoch and posts how much he hates his parents and has no relation to hopstoch just: i hate my parents



I dont know why i said this but he is like: i hate my parents i wish they were dead. I was just wondering that is that related to hopstoch


Ok......... whoever is this guy is not so good of a boy/girl. And why would he/she ever say that on Hopscotch?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! :scream:


He says that his parents never went to his performences
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Go to #movies and look at wiggle trees owner


Is that a Hopscotcher?


Yeah look


That's very mean, and not at all related to Hopscotch. But maybe she/he is simply trying to attract attention or just being immature. They will grow out of it I hope.


That's just wrong. I mean if your parent s can't attend your concert because of work ok. If it is because they don't want to then talk it out with them.


Wow. That is so mean!!! I can't even...


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What's his username?


Wow, Santa's not gonna bring that user any presents for Christmas, and that kid's project is racist he wants his parents to have some sort of different skin color!


Yeah they deleted it they now only have wiggle tree


His name is hate my parents, and i think he saw this conversation....ಠ_ಠ


what? why would someone hate their parents JUST because they couldn't go for a concert. my parents wasn't able to go to a Choral Competition (Yes, i am in a Choral Club) because the tickets ran out... but i wanst even disappointed. whats more, the club won a Silver Award.


Hmm, that's not good. His/her 'hate' projects are not there anymore, so that's good. (;


You know in the song "Shake It Off" when it goes "haters gonna hate"? Sorry, but that does Not apply to Hopscotch. That hater sounds even worse :grin:


I think this was resolved already, it was two months ago. :wink: