There's something wrong with notifications!


Please help on the forum I can't see that I've got my notifications when I have and before it said I have 6 when I had none! Please help someone. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't @Kiwicute2016? @Liza?
Is it happening to you?

  • yes
  • no



This is just a little glitch because the forum is trying to catch up with your activity! There are a lot of forum users so sometimes it glitches and shows that you still have a few notifications, which in reality, you've already checked all of them! This happens most often when you go onto the forums, check you notifications, leave for a period of time, then come back!


Ok thanks so much @Kiwicute2016! Should this be closed?


I will only close it if you are really desperate, but I think that this topic would be good is someone happened to have the same question or a question similar to this and they could ask the question on this!


Ok I'm not desperate that's a good idea thanks for all the help


Yup, they are lagging for me as well.


I didn't know there would be so many voters