There's a mobile view mode


I just found out there's a mode for this site that is optimized for phones.

On my iPad it's not that good. I could not upload images....


You press the "Upload" button on the bottom right side of the typing box to upload images in mobile view.

I'm on my phone but I use desktop view lol


Yeahs called mobile view! It's really nice on phones, but can get a little annoying on can see your unread, though! :smile:


I don't have a phone, but does it automatically switch to it?


Nope, you press the three lines next to your profile button, and a menu pops up. That's where you change it.

why is my profile pic appearing three times??? Photobomb


On phones, yes, it's on mobile view by default. Other devices are usually set to desktop.


Yeah..:I used mobile mode


Im on my school IPad, and this mode works except I cant upload images




Off topic- Your profile pic omg

On topic- People are taking suprise to this NOW?


On Le version d'Mobile atm




#Triggered kappa


We need a poll of who uses it

  • I use mobile version
  • I use PC version
  • I use both (depends on which device I use)


Votes are public.