I will be taking people for a Collab account.(We'll decide the name later).(I already have a spare Collab account). First you'll fill out the form. Then post a reply if you know how to send passwords without anybody noticing.
How often are you on the App?:
Will you participate?:

Artist:@GoatLord @CandyCane @DreamerGirl
Coder:@Mr.Gam3r @DA-BEASTY @ninjated14
Bug-testers:@StarryDream @TheRealBlah
Idea person:@Mr.Gam3r @Ninjated14
(Recruiter needs to be trustworthy and pass the password on).
People I think will want to join



MBBC Collaboration (Take 3, or something like that)
MBBC Collaboration (Take 3, or something like that)

Username: StarryDream(I'm SD on both Hop and Forum)
Strength: I rate myself at 6/10
How often are you on the App?: I go on Hop A LOT. But since school has started, I only go on Hop after school.
Will you participate?: Of course I will! But not full time.
Can I be bug tester plz?:wink:


Thanks, @StarryDream. Are you on now? Post a post saying 'qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm' then I'll send you the password.


Username: MR.GAM3R​:video_game:
Strength: Tough one. Maybe making games?
How often are you on the App?: I'm on for about 1-2 hours a day
Will you participate?: Yep! But I do want to work on my own projects as well, so I will be on the collab when I have time :slight_smile:


U on @Mr.Gam3r? I'll send you the password.


@Snoopy my last resort has came. Will you be the musician?


I don't know. What type of music do you want? How long? A specific piece? I need more details! :D


Just classical music such as Beethoven's music.


Why isn't my hide detail working?
@Snoopy your back! Okay, so do I put you on it or not?


Angry, sad, happy?
Also which piece, movement, by Beethoven?
And can I do just a section, maybe just the theme?


Beethoven's 4th (Or whatever the one is with the 'dun dun dunnn').


Name? Like Opus # Mvt #? Or a link? I'm not a music expert, I told you that you should've used someone else! ;-;


This: (it's short, I know.)


That's not the DUN DUN DUNNNNN movement, but okay I can do that! :3.
I'll start now!


Well whatever. It sounds nice. And we just need it to sound nice.
Logged into the Collab?


What's the account? Password? Username? Email? Do you want me to create it on the account or on my account?


Check post 12. Stuff is there. Then tell me when your done.


Okay, I logged in, and now I'll start making the music.


Okay, good.
Now look at this:
Wouldn't it be nice if it was true?


Just heard it and it was​:+1::+1::+1:.