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How to make a simple drawing pad!
Make a text!
And give it this code.

The size value is where you put whatever size you want to put there, I use 10 often.
A simple way to prevent connecting lines is by doing this :arrow_down:️ It’s not nessesary, but is helpful and looks better!


Symmetry Drawing!

I think this is helpful, but do you know how to make an advanced drawing pad? i have been wanting to for ages but I can't because I can't get it to work. It's ok if you don't, I can ask someone else.


I do actually, and I tried putting a post in the forum about it, but halfway through, my computer shut down (it's a pretty old computer) and I lost all of it, I want to make a post about a complex one again, but I haven't had time.


try finding one like Star Draw 2.0 and learning the code


I already made this tutorial but yours was way more better than mine. Your pictures were bigger. Lucky. Keep making great tutorials


Sorry if the thing I said above was mean. I can't control my anger when someone does the same thing I did. I'm sorry if you got mad at me.


Don't worry! It didn't sound mean! :smile: @friendship2468


Oh ok. Let me know if you do do it again. :wink: