There was a deleted animal in hopscotch?


I was searching HOPSTOTch in Google and I saw this blue creature in Google. Wonder what happened


Duplicate post...


Udunno 20 characters XD


That is the one! I think they deleted it.


I think it went with Chillana with a winter/Christmas update, but they deleted it later


I was here from the beginning. It was never there.


It seems familiar though, doesn't it?


Only in the website. I feels like it should be a character though.


Ya. It does. They really need to add more soon, maybe make a challenge?


Not to bother but what was it like in the begining like?:open_mouth:


I remember the beginning. Before update 2.0, the design was completely different. Naming objects were difficult. There was no send to back or bring to front. There was a yellow brick section, and everything was kind of hard to understand. I think there are pictures online


Here are some screenshots!





No, it didn't look like that. @mii there was a lot less amount of blocks and no screen shots.


Its soo weird



You can put more than one picture in a comment and/or topic


I was here for a while too, and honestly, I'd never heard of the character!!


It a website character.


I'm pretty sure I remember it from somewher.... Maybe The school edition?