There should be an option to report a project for stealing credit


It may be annoying and it isn't the right thing for the other person to do, but is it really report-worthy? It just means that the person liked your project so much that they wanted people to think they made it.


Totes agree!


All Hopscotch projects are open source, which means anyone can change them. It would be unfair to add this report option, because that would almost be ending remixes!! That could ruin Hopscotch because people are supposed to learn by remixing.


I see what you mean. But with me, I put at the bottom of my project 'Coded by Candyfloss clouds​:ribbon:' (my username) and someone remixed it with there username like they made it. I found it annoying, that's all


Oh, ok! Why not just tell them to put your name in it? It would be really nice if there was a way to update projects.

Do you want the ability to update projects?

  • Yes
  • No



And they also didn't change anything :disappointed:
Ye! There should be an option to update projects!


@Liza what do you think about this idea?


This needs to be added and I asked for it here.


It's just gone for you


Totally agree with that


I agree with what was mentioned previously in the topic, as there should be an other button for typing your own responses




Bumping up this topic because I want more people to see this!


I think plagiarizing should be banned from Hopscotch!


Ikr! It hashashas to be!


I have not clue what you just said. lOl


I know right! There HAS to be!


Oh my chickens why did I get so upset about this?!


Guys it has happened again! I wrote a reply on my Squidwid acc


sees old topic
Oh my chickens Idk why I cried irl when this happened!
What was wrong with me?

Someone stole my project! I'm flipping out lol