There should be a drawing tab

It would be soooo cool


It’s cool if there’s a poll
and i love polls, so here it is:

  • Good idea!
  • Nah

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I mean hs is a coding app so thats why i think there isnt one in the first place

There used to be one actually i think


There once was a time where there was an art category

But since the category changes that took place April 9th a year or two ago iirc, they removed it, I believe this happened because the hopscotch team wanted to focus hopscotch more in coding, rather than being a way to share your art.

Don’t get me wrong, drawing is a great part of hopscotch, and it’s more than welcome, just that coding is the main purpose of the app


I agree with rod


The thing with themed tabs is that, if/when we do them, there’s a very fine line that has to be walked.
We had split Excellent up into a bunch of different tabs based on the kind of project a long time ago, but curating with that was such a pain. Hopscotch has something of a trend in project types, so with project-type themed tabs, there’ll always be one tab that gets more projects and one that gets less. During a pixel art craze, the coded art/art tab would be overflowing and projects wouldn’t get attention, while other tabs like the Puzzle tab would grow stagnant because there weren’t any curation-worthy puzzle projects.

That being said, the artist community is super valued and we do the to occasionally showcase awesome art projects on the curated channels. If you see any that you really like, feel free to nominate them here. But sometimes, it’s just not necessarily viable or practical to do things like having an entirely new tab yknow.


I think I read somewhere that there used to be a drawing tab.


Ohh, so that’s why they all merged together


Yeah. We noticed that was happening and it was just a bit more viable to clump them all together again haha. I can bring up the idea of splitting them up again but it’ll take a lot of work to figure out what categories to use so the same thing doesn’t happen again

There was just a general Art tab, it was mostly coded art but we did feature awesome drawings there too


My favourite was the music
I would replay Serenity’s Pokemon song forever and show it to my friends at school


that makes sense
what’s the difference (on the forum) between the drawing with hopscotch and drawing with shading/shaping etc though? it was already closed when I joined the forum but why does it even exist if this rule is to be followed when making topics?


This rule that gave us the Drawing with Hopscotch topic was only enacted around mid 2019. The other drawing topic (shading, shaping, etc) was what existed before this one. That’s why they’re all closed. You’ll notice that those were all typically made my community members too. LazyLizard came up with the idea and while the forum was unmoderated, she and some other people that had permission kept creating the chain Drawing Topics. We changed that when we started moderation again.
As for exactly why we changed it, I have an explanation post here:


We dont need one
Most of art dont have any coding abilities


I disagree with that statement. You can make an art pad, make trail art, make pixel art, shape art, etc. There are many, many ways to code art. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t lots of not-coded art out there, but that there is coded art.


I agree with Exploding Ducks
Many hopscotchers like CTS draw and it’s hard to find nice drawings without one.

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Yes that is what i was trying to say ;-;


It is a good idea, but Hs is meant to be a coding app. Unless the art is a pixel art or trail art or some kind of coded art, it doesn’t really relate to coding. Maybe though, there could be a tab for coded art?


I do a lot of art (trails, pixels etc)
And I agree with you, but there should at least be a drawing challenge tab.


But don’t forget art is often encouraged (see the OP of the dht) because it can be used in coding
Lots of games use tons of custom art



I really don’t think there needs to be a drawing tab anyways.
It doesn’t really encourage coding in my opinion