There should be a burger character!



Hey guys! I think there should be a burger character in hopscotch. Like if you agree! And it might look like this:

Lol that's my hamburger notebook :3


Sorry I didn't mean to include "1. List them" my keyboard glitched :grimacing:


That's a very cute hamburger character! Don't worry, you can edit your post to fix that "1. list item" (search up "edit your post")


What about something like this?


@Ihasfluffycupcakes Here's how to edit your post by the way so you can fix that "1. List item" if you would like to.

There's nothing wrong with saying "like if you agree" also, but people will like your post anyway if they agree with you so you don't have to put it in :smiley:


But then we will need French fries, then a chocolate truffle shake, then ketchup, it's like if you give a mouse a cookie! But, it's if you give hopscotch a burger!


Actually, magmaPOP, that does look more better. And OMG u replied to me


great! we need more food characters! you can maybe sometime in the future make some more hopscotch characters!


Thanks! I got rid of the "1.List Them"


@Hoppertoscotch I agree!


How about a hamster character that looks like my hamster. :smiley:

I know it's adorable :sweat_smile:


If you're talking about food characters, perhaps the photo above?

If you're talking about human characters, then perhaps photo above, also.

But the Hopscotch Team should also edit the character a little? Like they create different characters that look really similar to the characters in the photo....


These look good too! And can you tell me what to use to draw that or your just a very good drawer


Maybe this? I dunno it's just a quick sketch


Or no. Maybe my cat XD