There’s Too Much Spam At This Point

Spam definitely needs to stop, you are correct. But I do think the restrictions you came up with are a little excessive. That’s okay, though, because we can all build off of your original idea and create something that’s more ideal for everyone. Just remember that everyone here has the best intentions and that nothing we’re saying is against you :))


^ I agree with this

Regarding the amount of spam, I have some data based on a static algorithm – one that’s manually defined and updated. These are the stats for projects within the last 12 hours in Newest:

85.22% of 602 projects hidden by x-ray (513), 89 remain visible
Code for that statement, run that JS on the AE Web explorer.
alert(`${Math.round(a / b * 10000) / 100}% of ${b} projects hidden by x-ray (${a}), ${b - a} remain visible`)

While I wouldn’t impose concrete restrictions like either my algorithm or your suggestions (@cool12317282728), I agree with you in that there should be some sort of automated project scoring/testing/flagging depending on its content.


instead of telling hopscotchers that the number of block/number of objects isn’t enough to be added to a channel, we can just hide those who don’t meet the requirements.

this :arrow_up: could happen to innocents people, so we can make the requirements more “reachable”, for example in this post.


I’m just curious what that means?


^ That’s a part of the result when I run the code on this webpage


Sorry, I still don’t understand the statistic. What’s the difference?


at the end of the day, nearly every online platform has at least some spam these days and i’m not sure if implementing minimum requirements to an app like hopscotch is a great solution to tackle it.


welcome back! hopscotch isn’t having little spams in hashtags channels, 4/5 of the projects are spams, so it becomes a serious problem


Hey there people! I’ve been seeing a lot of irrelevant stuff in the hashtag channels lately… and I’m sure you’ve been seeing it too! Here is an example…

This is either because this person wants more likes, want seeds, or plants. Or it’s because they want everyone to see what they are publishing. Today I was looking for some good relaxing comics to read, I look in the #story area, and guess what? I get loads of these:

And way more are there, but too many to put up.

I think one solution for this is like when someone publishes a custom art project, the project its not shown to public until the leaders see it. If this is too hard, then there should be a feature in the ‘report project’ area saying hashtag channel spaming but with the other m, I just got rid of it because it won’t let me add it.

Vote in this poll, I think it is an important matter to be viewed…

  • Yes, I agree! Make this happen!
  • No thanks, it’s just… not a great idea
  • Accidentally voted

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@MidnightWolves it would be great to have ur opinion as well!

@Leaders could you please make this poll public?


maybe a hashtag filter too?


@DogIcing yeah, that would be great!


i remember older versions of hopscotch having a dropdown where you can select a single specific channel for it to be in instead of having to put the category in the name; it would be easier to use and could prevent spam if changed back to that


Yeah, that is also a great solution!


yes that would be nice


I completely agree on your point that this spamming is extremely excessive and just kinda annoying!

I believe all custom are projects are already manually reviewed! However, the leaders don’t moderate the app, just the forum.

Otherwise, great ideas! I also think Awesome_E has mentioned technology used to scan and filter projects, which isn’t perfect but better than nothing.


What does that mean again?

I am the worst at abbreviations.


Sure! But if we make it public, it will reset all its current votes. Do you still want to do it?

And, like some already said - there seems to be a topic already discussing the same subject. While it’s really good that you search for topics covering a similar subject, it’s easy to miss a duplicate topic since there are so many topics on the forum! To keep discussions on the same place, posts from duplicate topics typically gets moved to the original topic. I’ll do the same in this case. Feel free to continue the discussion on the linked topic, and also keep us updated with what you would like to do with the poll!


Hey there,

I have added your feedback for adding the “Hashtag Channel Spamming” option to our report button to our feature request list. Thank you for the suggestions!


Yeah, that’s ok! With the poll… yes the poll… ahem maybe keep it the way it is? It would be weird if the votes disappeared and the people who already voted had to vote again lol…


I’ll keep it the way it is then!