There’s Too Much Spam At This Point


I’ve been meaning to adress1 this for quite a while and now I’m finally going to say it, Hopscotch has TOO MUCH SPAM

Everywhere I go

I see spam projects

And as random remixes

It’s highly irritating and it’s now to the point that I can barely find any GOOD project in the competition tabs.! This is a serious problem that I’m disappointed with the fact that THT has not dealt with it by now. In fact, it would be really simple to prevent these kind of projects by using these methods

A - Amount Of Code Minimum

Meaning the project would need something like at least 200 blocks of code

B - Minimum Time Spent On Project

This would need to be active time so that a user can’t just afk for the time to meet the requirements. The time required could be around an hour.

C - Minimum Objects

You should need around 10 objects per scene which all have code

D - Minimum Code Changed For Remixes

Remixes should require a minimum of 100 blocks of code changed to be published- or just get rid of that feature

Ok that’s all I can say for today


Proposed solution:


200 blocks is way too much.

Most of my projects are under that, and none of them are “spammy.”



People just want to share some projects


200 blocks is too little for most of my projects
This would for 1 increase the quality of projects…

It’s spam at this point
Here is a list of spam projects I found just by looking through bts orbit for less the 30 seconds
Took me about 3 minutes to write down though


ENTER RAFFLE! [WIN 5 🍄!!!] #art #music #debugme #simulation #tapper #story #games #btsorbit #btsescape Remix Remix by CollegeKitty#STWM#TTFD

ENTER RAFFLE! [WIN 5 🍄!!!] #art #music #debugme #simulation #tapper #story #games #btsorbit #btsescape Remix by CollegeKitty#STWM#TTFD

Remix #art #hopnet #btsorbit Remix RainColor Remix Remix by Guest6940673

ENTER RAFFLE! [WIN 5 🍄!!!] #art #music #debugme #simulation #tapper #story #games #btsorbit #btsescape by Some Secrets... #TTFD

Remix #art #hopnet #btsorbit Remix RainColor Remix Remix Remix by Guest466178

Remix #art #hopnet #btsorbit Remix RainColor Remix Remix by Doodle poo👾😱

Remix #art #hopnet #btsorbit Remix RainColor Remix by nbour28

Remix #art #hopnet #btsorbit Remix RainColor Remix by naruto shippuden Uzumaki

Remix #art #hopnet #btsorbit Remix RainColor Remix by naruto shippuden Uzumaki

My name #btsorbit by Artsyheartsy XD 🎨💜🦄

My name #btsorbit by NiceShark56

Cosine colors #btsorbit Remix Remix by CandidPanther34

Big ol’ board of shout outs! #art #music #debugme #hopnet #btsorbit #btsrollingsky #btsescaperoom #games #story #simulation #tapper by Sakana Studios💕🐬™️

Cosine colors #btsorbit Remix by Guest4139741

Ice Cream! #art #simulation #btsorbit Remixes] Remix by pop tart A YT

My name #btsorbit #btsescape Remix by 123CoolDude123

For gods sake it’s a coding app not tiktok!


I agree that there is too much spam, but honestly I think those requirements are a little overboard. A lot of projects are tests to show bugs or such that don’t require a lot of blocks and not being able to publish without adding extra blocks would likely be extremely annoying. On top of that, I think an hour is also a little excessive. Some of my projects I code in 30-45 minutes and they’re decently sized and I update as I go. This is mostly because I don’t have a lot of time to devote an entire hour to a project. I might need to speedcode for a comp, or because I promised a project or something
This would also sadly outlaw stories as they take 15ish minutes to code. I agree that yeah spam is a problem, but these are excessive. Hopscotch would be abandoned if these are put in place.

I agree. I think THT should bring back the select-a-channel feature for when you publish, instead of hashtag channels. That way users can only put the project in one channel, reducing multi-channel spam, and possibly THT could manually curate comp channel projects if possible


Hey there,

Thank you for your feedback, and I’m sorry to hear your frustration with our app. I will pass your feedback to our team and discuss any potential changes that we can implement.


Like a cooldown


I agree with some of your points, but I strongly think there shouldn’t be a “minimum” amount of objects/code, this could lead to a lot of bloated code, especially when I’m just coding random small projects, and I feel that some of these charges could discourage users from coding, feeling like they “have” to commit to coding something. I understand showered you’re coming from in terms of unenjoyment, however I feel that these smaller projects allow new users to get exposed to coding and learn a little bit at a time, and the do’s and dont’s of coding. You can take this with a grain of salt if you like, it’s just my opinion. :]


Did you see my links
It’s not a small project
It’s more like spam
When you don’t write code yourself
And don’t change stuff or when you are writing a message 99% of the time it is spam on hs
The 1 percent is for real messaging
If you looked at my links you would see that………
Especially the fact that they are submitting it into a competition to get more publicity…


I think maybe 5% of my project’s have this and also some projects take me only abt a half an hour but otherwise some fetured to prevent spam might be helpful


We understand you
We just think that small projects which help people learn to code don’t take an hour or have 200 blocks of code. We all start small and limits like the ones you suggest we think will discourage people from coding.


i thought about those ideas for a while (since the creation of this topic) and i think you’re right, but i don’t agree on these three points

some of #btsorbits thing has less than 200 blocks but isn’t spam, and i believe they didn’t spend 1 hour

yeah, just don’t allow remixed project in comp


I agree with you but the requirements are a bit high for new coders, or even experienced coders with just smaller projects.


I disagree with requirement a—people can just add random blocks of code to meet that requirement


While I agree with the fact that there’s too much spam, it’s unreasonable to ask beginners to fill in the first 3 ones. I think maybe one thing could be a limit of projects per day, like 3 or 5 idk.


If there was a block requirement, people could just spam blocks in a hidden object. It would be annoying to publish good small projects, and it wouldn’t help fix the issue.


Some projects could be remixes that forgot to remove the hashtag


I agree

I disagree…. That may be a little excessive

That’s a little too long.

I know you think I’ll disagree. But this is a reasonable amount for big projects. The problem is if you create little test projects then that would be a problem

That’s excessive. And remixing was supposed to help people learn and grow by adding on to it. People are trying to show stuff. Artists have come here to draw! Hopscotch would be broken without remixes. I remix stuff too. Also what if people are doing remix to show your creation! Then changing 100 blocks of code would be annoying. Making a platformer with a platformer template would be annoying.

I code a lot of small test projects or stuff, like this one, Scrollable background by Cute little kitty cat 🐈
This took me like 10 minutes and had 10 blocks in it, but 10 blocks can be beautiful. This only had 2 objects. Some people may be using a lot of clones.


Spam definitely needs to stop, you are correct. But I do think the restrictions you came up with are a little excessive. That’s okay, though, because we can all build off of your original idea and create something that’s more ideal for everyone. Just remember that everyone here has the best intentions and that nothing we’re saying is against you :))


^ I agree with this

Regarding the amount of spam, I have some data based on a static algorithm – one that’s manually defined and updated. These are the stats for projects within the last 12 hours in Newest:

85.22% of 602 projects hidden by x-ray (513), 89 remain visible
Code for that statement, run that JS on the AE Web explorer.
alert(`${Math.round(a / b * 10000) / 100}% of ${b} projects hidden by x-ray (${a}), ${b - a} remain visible`)

While I wouldn’t impose concrete restrictions like either my algorithm or your suggestions (@cool12317282728), I agree with you in that there should be some sort of automated project scoring/testing/flagging depending on its content.