There’s too many old Hopscotch accounts that haven’t published!

The reason is that they’re hard to get. You can go on most apps and find all of the rare users inactive because people don’t make them be used.

Be prepared for everyone to come after you


username sniping then doing nothing is bad.


So maybe if there is a inactive (not even opening the app or website) hopscotcher they should find the email if there is one and email them. If no response comes (it stays). There may be a period to get their account back.

To prevent username sniping, usernames with one letters and that are inactive for 2 years will have their account deleted and a 1 month period where their account can be received again.

they arent sold but a lot of people still like them


2 years is pretty short for all your work to be deleted- some people might not be able to code for that long


Since I love forks so much I’m going to make my name fork! Now I will go inactive forever because why not?

Surprisingly this was made in 2015 and not 2014 so ig there isn’t that many fork lovers


because facebook is literally the face of a book? :stuck_out_tongue:

i personally like these bad jokes /srs and everybody has a personal reason to pick his username. a guy having a “rare” username doesn’t necessarily mean they are collecting them, and im sorry but i still don’t believe the collecting “rare” usernames story ://

why not? i’m literally a triangle because those are super useful in math, and is a tank in
like i said, anybody has his own reason to pick an username, and don’t judge people’s username because you think these are stupid/rare/whatever


yeah, honestly fork isn’t a bad username, sounds kinda cool actually.

that’d be kind of embarrassing to have a public project saying that /nay
(please dont take offense anyone, i do admit i used to wish and still do a little to have the username ‘tea’ or ‘cosmo’)


How about a friendly reminder sent to them IF they never have ever made a project or a draft in the last 0.5*(length of username+1) years. If they do not have a valid email or the email had to be resent because it was deleted, a project will be put on their account with the same reminder.


i think fw’s explains all ^^ :D

i dont think that would work if the user is literally inactive lol - they’ll never read the message in most of the cases


im kinda on the middle ground in all of this. not sure if there’s any apps that delete your whole account because of activity, including apps with much bigger user bases. perhaps their username can be changed to an “anon + number name” - similar to what we have on the forum - after a certain amount of time (3-5 years???). activity wouldn’t be a problem either. just because we don’t see if a user is active, doesn’t mean the hs team can’t so im sure it wouldn’t be too hard to implement.


just in case anyone has to take a very long break, 5 years does sound good

edit: i dont think the ‘username snipers’ (still not sure if those exist) even care or remember anymore
edit edit: 10 years seems a little much but you’re right, maybe 7 or 8. how would people log in to the anons?


Yeah and if they need to take even longer, they can just randomly post. But that makes more solutions for username snipers which is 894’s problem.

I think this happens when you are banned??

Hasn’t even been 10 years for hopscotch


honestly, it really depends - i think 10 years is better, but again, extremely subjective subject

i know, i’m talking about the fact i can still remember hopscotch in ten years and it’s possible that i come back to coding then

when we put an inactivity restriction, we ignore the fact for how long the app was released


assuming the target age for hopscotch is around that 9-12+ish age, i don’t think people will return to the app when they’re 20. and if they do, their account isn’t being banned, their username is simply being changed. i can totally see where you’re coming from tho


Ok i’ll stop I was just trying to brighten the mood a bit /srs

Can you show evidence that it doesn’t happen? Also it’s not a story…

if you want to stop joking then stop joking

yeah that could come off as a bit rude now that I look back at it /srs.

does everyone not believe me…

Sorry for some reason I didn’t recall saying that but I will delete it


/nay /no-offense


And when they are that age, i’m pretty sure that they’ll be okay with their name being changed. Unless they really like something that they will like forever and they’re really angry if it was changed.

I think he meant that people like taking them so no one else can, not like finding usernames and collecting them.


i will not answer this because this will then become a war and i’m unable to reply respectfully

no it’s not, it’s a theory :+1:

i’m not joking, they could have chosen facebook literally because of that. you’ll never know why, when, in what situation someone does something

(i’ll try to be less philosophical lol, sorry)

oh i was /nay, sorry not putting that
however because of slowmode system doesnt allow me to edit ://

fair, fair, you won haha :laughing:


No people do collect rare usernames you can see for yourself if you just can’t believe me for some reason.


By the way, why would someone need a username if they are not going to publish projects? (just wondering, no offence intended)


What if people are making drafts if they ran out [1]?

  1. back then, you could only have 15 drafts ↩︎