There’s too many old Hopscotch accounts that haven’t published!

Ok, the title is sort of self explanatory but I will elaborate,

So, I’ve recently seen loads or Hopscotch accounts that were created in like 2016, 2017 or 2018 or some years like that, and these accounts usually have rare usernames and they all haven’t published anything.

I think they usually have rare usernames to annoy people and stop them from getting good usernames.
I feel like THT should do something about this, they’re pointless accounts.



some of these accounts probably had plenty of projects, but were deleted.

but other than that, I agree, THT should remove old pointless accounts


Yeah I want the user “star” but they joined in 2014 and haven’t posted anything… (it would be an account I posted demo projects I would still use StarlightStudios)


Maybe use like star💫 or something? Also I kind of agree but also disagree with this idea. They could be waiting to use them or something


a lot of these had projects that had to be wiped, as clpd said, and most or all of them are definitely not using these accounts for malicious intent. maybe they should get emails sent to them asking if theyd be okay with their accounts being deleted- because i dont think it’d be fair to just delete random accounts, i imagine that some people have beta accounts that they cant access but just keep for the memories.


I guess they were waiting for 8 years this better be good

I agree with this, it’s a little harsh to just terminate their account


Use star with a 0 length character


I’m sorry, but I strongly disagree with you. these aren’t any “pointless” accounts, they belong to someone and there’s no reason to say that an account is less important than another. Joining hopscotch doesn’t necessarily mean publishing projects to the community, it’s their choice to whether keep their drafts secret or to publish them - many of my friends and my teacher don’t publish in hopscotch, but they are active. Plus, there is no “good” username. Usernames are used to identify a Hopscotcher, it will not help you code a better project because you have the name “Pika” or “Annihilator” or “Super” or whatever. Usernames are completely subjective and you can find my username trash and unoriginal while I love it like crazy. So if you think they use rare usernames to annoy people, my opinion is that you thought of multiple username ideas that are accidentally all taken by the community. Go slightly more original, and you’ll get a unique username that was never thought of before - there are approximately 170 000 common words in English, excluding rare words! ;)

I don’t agree with you - how do you consider an account as “pointless”? Someone could be very busy these years irl, and return to coding two years later. All accounts are equal, there is no reason to judge an account as “pointless” because the guy was inactive for “too long” or that account was “too old”.

again, I disagree with that. How would Hopscotch handle that? How would the message reader feel about that? And in some edge cases, people with inexisting email or email with accidental typos will see their account disappear out of nowhere. Hopscotch’s goal is (among other things) to get a maximum of people, not to delete “useless” accounts to let other people fight for “better” usernames.


I second this


i agree with you fully, but i meant that your account would stay if you didn’t reply- other than that, i third this


you’re completely correct about users returning, but if an account has been inactive for 5+ years, and the user has no posts, maybe they really aren’t planning to return. these accounts are just taking up space.

if, however, the user did return after 5 years, maybe THT could do something like remove the accounts not in use, and then have them return when they come back.

i think 894 was more frustrated about the usernames being taken. for example, if you search the account ‘unicorn’, you can see that this account has been here since 2014 and has no posts or favorites. the user is most likely inactive, and there’s no real reason why the account has to stay. if the user ever returns, they can make a new account.

which is why THT should check activity on the app - not just posts. if the user hasnt logged in in 5 years, i think the account should be removed - maybe, again, THT could bring it back if the user returns, or even just change the username - make it like on the forum, when an account is anoned. the projects still are available to the community, but the username is free for others to use.


Agreed, deleting someone’s account would be entirely unethical. It’s their account and to take it without their permission is wrong. Asking to remove it would also be insanely rude and would, quite frankly, be embarrassing.


again, deleting would be unnecessary. since 894 was talking about the usernames, maybe an ‘anon’ type thing would work.


no one’s trying to annoy anyone, but it can be frustrating when creating your account and realizing the username you wanted was taken by somebody who hasnt been active in years.


emojis are always an option


then what’s the point of removing the account? And while the account was removed, I can easily change my username to “Unicorn” and there will be a conflict if the user returns. I’d think: “Why would I change back my username? He was inactive, that’s not my problem!” and the returned user will think: “I always had that username, it’s not because I wasn’t active in-app that I can’t keep my username!”

There is also no reason why the account has to be deleted. It was saved under his email and he has the power to decide whether he wants to keep coding or give up forever. Plus, that account could be sometime playing Hopscotch project, and not code anything - (not at you) don’t reply with the argument that Hopscotch is a coding app, I’ll then answer you that if that’s true there’s no point developing a “Publish” button.

??? what the
I’m speechless

unfortunately this is very common across the entire internet and you should live with it and assume you will not always be able to pick the username you want


i’m sorry, i’m just trying to come up with alternative solutions. some of these sound absurd, but there aren’t any real ways to solve this issue, and i’m just putting things out there. please dont say this as it can be hurtful, i understand that this doesnt sound very realistic or helpful and i apologize for not adding to the conversation productively.

as for your arguements, i agree that they are completely valid. i am simply trying to argue for the other side, as some people are upset with this. no one’s account should be deleted if they want to use it.

if we did have an option, however, to delete accounts on our own terms, maybe some inactive accounts wouldnt still be around. deleting accounts without permission doesn’t solve anything, you’re correct, but some people might want to delete their accounts if they knew they had the option. this, i think, would be a win-win, but if you or anyone else would like to argue against it, be my guest. /nm /gen /nay


i like that idea, but i dont think it should be a direct option from the app- it could be through that one website i forgot what it is with multiple steps and confirmations so it cant be accidentally done


@/tri-angle put it well
i am someone who experienced this situation, i wanted to change my hopscotch user to nobody and it was taken
then i tried incognito, which was also taken
then i did my current username, and ive come to like it

but that didnt mean i wanted the other account to be gone so i could have the username

just because someone doesnt publish doesnt mean they dont use the account
yes, that may be the case most of the time, but how would you feel if your account was randomly deleted because you hadnt published in a while?

yes, the option to delete accounts would be nice


yeah, no one wants to accidentally delete their account.

again, this is completely valid. thank you for sharing your experience! :)

and again, i’ve come to see that deleting accounts wouldnt be right, thanks to @Tri-Angle :) /gen /pos