There’s a hacker


They changed their name to names like MagmaPOP and SarcasticTVHead, anyone else notice this person?


no, it’s a glitch


read this topic


also next time you have a bug submit a bug report, don’t leave the template out :slight_smile:


No, no hacker.

@sophia71205 would say so.

I’m just not a puny mortal.


wait are you talking about something else? please get more details @starswan


Oh yes I saw this person I think that their original name was ‘nindroid’ though


@SarcasticTvHead is an actual Hopscotcher.


Yeah, it’s probably Nindroid.



The first name that account had was Ajack2002 new.


I think that’s NindoridGames who changed their name to MagmaPOP


Oh so that account isn’t yours?


It I should mine.

No puny mortal can make identical account names to others unless I do it for them, like I did for @TheCMStudios


Wait you hacked???



I’m just not a puny mortal, so your pathetic rules are mere suggestions to me.


Why is everyone making a big deal of this? It’s funny!


Lol it’s just nindroid


If anything weird happens, it’s safe to assume that


I can tell cuz, nindroid, your a nindroid


Lol I loved this joke