There is this thing


...and it's called freedom of speech.
(to add on some explanation of it, wink wink @BuildASnowman)
By that, I don't mean you can say your opinion in whatever manner you want, you can only say your opinion respectfully.

Why it's related? Because I think there needs to be more respect for opinions. Flame wars (or as I call them "opinion wars") are simply caused by people disagreeing and trying to make their opinion "right". You may say it's those annoying people who disagree, but it's also the other person's fault for being in the fight and even bothering.

Also, opinions shouldn't influence behaviors even in trusted people because 1. it makes a bad influence 2. it can cause the person to abuse rights.


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Exactly. We all have the right and the power to express our opinions. It's perfectly fine if you disagree to an opinion, just make sure you make that clear nicely, so other people don't feel hurt. Make sure to react to opinions respectfully, even if you don't agree with them. There's a difference between expressing different opinions and arguing in a rude way, and we need to make sure we don't cross the line when debating our opinions. I love seeing everyone's points of views on different subjects, and it's even better we can all respect different thoughts! :smiley:


Well said. I think there should be some limit to expressing opinions. Some people cross the line, and that's not okay.
As you said, it's good to respect opinions. :)


I think that there should be a limit, but it shouldn't be extremely strict.


Yeah! Too strict would restrict any opinions at all! :3


Well said! :clap:
As I was saying to you on that other topic...

Everybody can have their own opinions! Posts and topics shouldn't be flagged because of having a different opinion! You can work out disagreement kindly, not through flame wars! Everybody has their own opinion, so respect that.

I'm horrible at making speeches! XD


Well said, very well said! Just because someone has their own opinion doesn't mean they should be flagged.

Because differences make us who we are! :smile:


I agree with you! The reason there are flame wars is because people 1. don't express those opinions nicely or 2. share mean opinions that are better not shared.

People shouldn't flag over opinion, unless it's a mean one.

People should never argue over opinion, just maybe state their own in contradiction, saying something like, "That's an interesting opinion! Not to argue, but I believe..."


Totally with everyone here :smile: Freedom is the right to do/say what you like as long as it does not hurt others, and as long as you let others do the same :slight_smile: (That's how I see freedom.) @MobCraft, you're right, respecting each other's opinions and feelings is the key :smiley: Great discussion.


I agree with t1 (Who is senpai) I think everyone should have freedom of speed and they should be allowed to speak about whatever they want just not cross a line. We should be able to talk about MagmaPOP leaving and have a friendly debate about it!


Yep, and generally keeping it relevant to wherever you are discussing something too :)


Great topic, but I want to clarify something about your first sentence - because this happens quite a lot.

Freedom of speech does not mean you can say whatever you want without consequences. It does not mean you can break the rules, and, the most controversial point, it does not mean you can post any opinion and be exempt from us deleting it because it causes flame wars.

Saying 'We have freedom of speech, you can't do x' means nothing. Freedom of speech means the government can't arrest you for what you say,not that we have to host whatever you say.

Our "forum freedom of speech" is a privilege that is subject to rules. We have defined rules, and if you violate them, you face consequences. One of those rules says that if a flame wars happens directly under your influence, you were a part of that flame war. So if someone posts a topic saying "____ is right and I don't care what others say!" And it starts a flame war, the topic creator was partly responsible for it.

So, before you make topics about social or political problems in the real world such as LGBT, religion, politics, etc. think about whether it will cause a flame war. Because yes, we all should eventually form an opinion on these issues, however being influenced by kids who don't understand the issue as a whole on a coding forum is not the place to do it.

You are always free to express your opinion, but in some cases it's better not to if you know it will cause flame wars.


Yeah, freedom of speech just means you're allowed to say "I disagree for __", not "Your opinion is wrong". At least give a respectable reason.


On the forum, you can have any opinion and express it. But, if it can offend someone, try to express it more lightly.