There is no need to close topics!



You don't need to close every topic!

I've recently noticed that quite a lot of people have been asking to close topics.

First, you need permission by the creator

You need to ask the creator if it's ok to ask for it to close! So they understand why suddenly you want to close the topic!

But that was just a point...

What I wanted to metion is...

Just because the question was answered doesn't mean that the topic should be closed! Some people might have the same question! So they can simply search using the search button to find their answer in YOUR topic!

Thats why you shouldn't close topics!

Also, sometimes people forget to SBYP! They might make a cool tutorial that's already been made, but it shouldn't be closed! It's still helpful!

You can also recycle!

If you made a topic that's for a test or something, you can recycle it not close it! When you need another topic, simply just use that topic! That way the forum is not clogged!

Hope this cleared stuff up! :D

Comment what you think! I'll add to this!

3rd Birthday- Hopscotch!

If you're testing something out, and you want a leader to close it because you already "solved" your problem, just recycle the topic!


Yeah! You can save it for some other time you really NEED a topic!


Other things to do:


Ask anyone who posted in it to delete their posts, then edit and repurpose the topic!

Just leave it!

Someone may have the same question as you in the future.

@Kiwicute2016 any other methods I should add? :wink:



Haven't read through the topic yet...
Correct me if I'm wrong..

What about the posts by other people? Like, there was an argument happening, then some guy bashed the door down and said: "ALRIGHTY! GBOT!"

Then the owner of the topic rooms says: "Argument topic here, I don't want this closed. What do we do?"

Random guys says:"RECYCLE!"

Owner: "I can't throw all these notes left behind by the others! They've been glued!"

Yep, problem arises. Now, use your logic. Those posts are other people's posts. No one apart from the poster (Wat?) and a Leader/Moderator/Admin can remove it.


-@buildasnowman slams open the door-

BAS: "I'll do the job!"

-Removes the notes, one by one-

Three hours later...

BAS: "Phew..."


Tedious work for em eh?
So what is the solution?


Let's RECYCLE this topic

Sorry younger brother
We twins

I was born before him


Sometimes, when there's an argument and a person doesn't want to close the topic, the mod has to close it anyway! :wink: