There is a channel problem! The Channel Mixup!



Okay let’s go back to the basics for now and then I’ll tell you why I’m doing this.

Channels and what they are for

W.I.P- Work In Proggres! Share your unfinished games or drafts here and remix and finish other people’s

Art- This channel is for the artists! Share your drawing pads or even your drawings! (By the way do not use this channel all the time!)

Games- For those gamers! Post your games there or even play other people’s! All coders need a break!

Challenges- Post your daily challenges here! Come here to do challenges!

Websites- Put all your websites here! Go on other people’s websites as well!

Movies- Want a blockbuster? Look or post here! Put your Five Star movies here or get your own cinema! Only on Hopscotch!

Why I need to remind you about this!

Okay most people are doing stuff like art and finished game in W.I.P or RP’s in Websites! What about Art in games? This is not an organised community here! If your post has no Catergory to go into, do none! Please don’t mix up the channels! Remind this to the new hopscotchers who don’t have the forum as well!


Is it fine if I put things like this in art? I do a lot of that type of art and it doesn’t really fit anywhere else


Yes, I would agree that something like that, and trail art, is also art.


Great topic :)
This is something that bugs me constantly when scrolling through channels on Hopscotch.

However, like @FluffyMice and @WynterDiamond have stated, trail art would also go in the art category.


Great topic!

Yeah, I agree, people are putting stuff in the wrong channels.


Sorry XD


I mostly use the channel “Art”, because I mostly code Trail and Shape Art.