There Are Some Users Who Have Account Pictures That Might Be Showing Themselves



Oh. Maybe I should...
@Meg, can you change the account pictures?
By the way, we can use this to continue this topic.


First like! Your right if they do have pictures of theyre faces then they or tht should change them


It's fine if they show their face

It's their decision


It's not allowed on the forum tho...
Even if you're 13, THT doesn't let you show your face.


They haven't been on for a while

Plus one of them said, their profile pic is their photography


Read This topic @iReesesCup


Nobody really enforces that rule though

And they wanted too so ya


They can, but some adult can find them easier if they show their location like @Michelle did...


They actually do. A user had their face as their profile pic, and the picture got removed.


I actually had my face as my profile for a while before

but then I changed it because I have no self confidence in my beauty

And nobody cared lol


It's hard for a smol group like THT to moderate 2000+ accounts and their profile pics is something they put down against things.


My profile pic, is 100% my real face!


No one noticed this, so I would just email THT and tell them. No need to draw attention to it.





I'm pretty sure these people just joined randomly and thought it was just a forum for hopscotchers to talk
They probably didn't know you cant show your face
Besides, they aren't even on anymore



what do I do now...


Also why would you use the OMTL...?


I saw some kid his name was like Mingar or somethin but he only made one post and he had his profile pic as his face.

i like cece's hair...


Try not to bring attention to it

Those people didn't even know the rule
Don't blame them


Guys I seriously had my face as my profile before back in '15

Nobody cared

So why now