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Or maybe we should only put gts in lounge or random so new peop,e don’t make them.


Yeah, mine is in random stuff, but some people have theirs in collabs, requests, and competitions. I just don’t think I would suggest having a GT in meta-Hopscotch.


Sorry about that!!!


It’s okay. I have seen people put GTs in the meta catergory before.


She doesn’t have the random category yet she has to have a certain trust level!


Uuuuh Hio!!!


Hi @BluBerries


Hi @ThePurpleMoon didn’t see this till now!


Hi @BluBerries !
I’m writing a story about zodiac that I’m gonna upload to HS in parts if people like it!


What’s zodiac XD how do I know know this.


I know star signs things


Oh so like constellations? Or like old time sign things?


When did you start hopscotch?


Kinda… Depending on what month or part of the month ur born determines ur zodiac


I started hopscotch in 2015


Oh I know what it is! I remember now! I’m a pig what are you? I looking back at what I just asked, lol. I


I think that’s the Chinese zodiac thing


Here’s a drawing I did


Whoa, that looks so precise and cool, nice job! It looks like you did a paisley pattern.