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I’ve seen loads of people do this so being the copycat I am I’m doing the same!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

but seriously you can chat here and share art and whatever!!!


Oh ThePurpleMoon weren’t you once Abigail Star on Hopscotch if you were yay!


Yea I was!!! I can’t believe u remember that!!!


Of course I do, your one of my favorite Hopscotchers!


Aww!!! Thx!!!


Your welcome!!!


Why’d you leave the Abigail Star account by the way and didn’t you do a collab with someone’s on the ThePurpleMoon one?


I wish I could post some of my art on here but I’m staying at a trend house for a week so I don’t have any


Aww maybe you could draw digitally for a while?


Oh I left Abigail star because I felt like my projects weren’t good enough and I use a school iPad and I didn’t know my password on Abigail star and I have a collab acc called CreepyCoders


I can’t I’m on my phone and it’s an iPhone 4 so it’s way to small


Oh ok! Btw your projects were good enough and I don’t even remember my password either!


Oh… hmm what to do. What’s a trend house?


I just had to run to the nearest charger :disappointed_relieved:


Oh I is your battery low?


I didn’t mean trend house I meant friend house lol


I have no idea what a trend house is


There’s not to much inspiration for what to draw either cuz I can’t go outside its raining so hard


Yeah I feel ya. Or maybe you could pull up a picture on your phone and draw on a piece of paper? @ThePurpleMoon


Welcome to the forum. I would suggest putting this in the “collabs, requests, and competitions” category, and after you get your member badge, I suggest moving it to the “random stuff” catergory.