Hi! So, I have noticed that code is fading from Hopscotch. While art doesn’t have to go away, code should be the main thing, because Hopscotch is a coding app. That is why I am starting this challenge. The challenge is basically to code anything that you want to, it’s pretty easy right? The only rule is that it has to be a project that you worked hard on, something you consider a feature-worthy project! These will be due on August 30, and winners will be posted around 2 weeks after that! To enter, title your project TheNextBigCode!


Cool, I am working on a big game at the moment.


Working on one. It’ll be done before August 5th. I have a few hours’ work left.


Ok thx for the challenge


Finally finished the latest version today

There you go @Dolphin_Art


Wow!! I’m so excited that people are doing the challenge!! Great job @Kikflip


Nice. There is an issue with the slide to unlock though. Sometimes you can slide past the rectangle but it won’t unlock, and some app icons don’t disappear when you go to an app. Just a few issues to work on, other than that your project is awesome!


Thanks I haven’t noticed that. What device are you using @MR.GAM3R


I see what you mean about the apps not disappearing. Every time I add something to the iPad it gets a little laggier but I know how to fix it.