Then vs. Now: Hopscotch!



What this is: On this topic, you can either gives the links of your first ever project on HS (that isn't a remix) and your most recent project (that isn't a remix) OR just take screen shots of the title screens of your first ever project on HS (that isn't a remix) and your most recent project(that isn't a remix)!

Why I made this: I want to see how much everyone has learned on HS!

My stuff:

First: - I made this with my parents cause I was clueless :joy::joy:
Most Recent: - I made this by myself for the summer contest

When replying:

  • no off-topic
  • no flame wars
  • uh... that's pretty much It :3



Ok, bye!

EDIT: thank for the likes people, I just got my 8th Nice Topic badge! :smiley:


I learned how to code.


The usually


Can you post your links?


NOPE! I am on an computer


Oh ok that's fine. Thanks for replying so quickly!


no problem! I am known for fast replying


I also learned how to chat on Hopscotch


Heres mine!
First ah the good old days...
I didnt use a video until my third project!


Cool! You have learned a lot! Thanks for replying!


I have a learned that I can be a turtle....
[this has a meaning behind this]




Only the true ones can know the knowledge of me....


Please stay on topic everyone If you are on a computer and cannot give links then there is no need to reply :3


Please rephrase that and read what I said in my post.


That's so cool! What a great topic! One question, would I do my first project ever? Or my first project on my new account?



First project: Moon Hero!


Latest: Scabrous Draw 2! FTU!


Um... Whichever account you have access to


Well, I have acces to both, so, should I do my first project on my old account, and then my latest project on my new account?


I would use the old one. Be sure its not a remix though :smiley: