ThemePad features?



I need ideas for a new drawing pad.

Here's a sneak peek :grinning:

Cool? Yeah, yeah, I'm working on colors... but here's the cool part:

ISN'T IT COOL? Don't you get that really different feeling when the drawing pad is red or some other intimidating color, and it's just HARD to draw? Well, look no further: the new ThemePad will help! (Cheesy, right? :laughing:) It'll be like an extremely advanced drawing pad! But I need ideas. So: post below, and if I use your idea and it's original, I'll give you a shoutout! :grinning:

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Thanks, sounds cool! :grinning:


You could also add HSB colors. A lot of people like to be able to use more than just the basic colors Hopscotch gives you. I found a good link that lets you choose HSB colors.
HSB Color


I was thinking about that, but besides skin tones, what should I add??


Ooh, this HSB site is cool! Thanks!

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No problem. I found that you can mess with the other stuff to and just take the HSB for it. Might be helpful on other stuff too if you like a different color picking method.


I figured that out, is there one that is iPad compatible that you don't need to download anything for?


Awesome Drawing Pad! But I Noticed That You Don't Have Many Colors. Can You Add Some More? I Think This Will Be In Featured!

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I'm working on the colors, and I'm also adding custom ones, so it will be AWESOME!!!


I think that it would look even better if you removed the grey outline, cool project!


Thanks! The gray outline is so you know where the border is. What do you think I should do about it?


maybe for the border add shapes from fancy key or Unicode or wait for the next update and bring them to the front so when you draw you don't go over the border. (I use this a lot in my drawing pads)


Why did I not think of that? facepalms self Ok, thanks! But what color?


hmmmm well you can use any color you like but maybe it go co with the theme of the pad? I would normally use HSB(0,0,0) for my border unless iot was a theme @Rawrbear


What about if you make reflections I can help with that on my old account I was on fitted for a drawing pad.


That would be cool, but those are h ardcore to make... But again, it would be cool! πŸ€”


I can make them for you...... If it will be alright for you


Nah, I can do it. But thanks for the offer! :smile:


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