Theme pack requests/ideas?


First of all, what is a theme pack?

A bunch of people on insta make theme packs, so I decided to code one. Basicly, I give emojis, ideas, pictures, and etc together to give you theme ideas. For example, my first theme pack was a tropical one. It included emoji combinations, and how to find pictures for the theme. These themes can be used to make posts on social media, make themed projects, and etc.


Link to the one I made already:


You can request! Just give me a theme (space, school, pink, etc) and I can give you emoji combos, HSB colors, and pictures for your theme!




this is cool.... very cool​:stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! Any theme pack ideas/requests?



um maybe a hopscotch theme pack XD


Cool, good idea! I might make that.


or a school theme pack idk!!


Oh, a school theme pack sounds awesome! I will definetly do that one soon!


Cool Topik! :thumbsup:

Maybe do a crazy pack? Lol or an Autumn/winter pack?


A autumn pack sounds cool, I'll do that soon!


I love this idea!! :smiley: