TheLogoMaster & Wookie Collab Topic


This is where @TheLogoMaster and me talk about our collab we are doing (please nothing else in this topic) :blush:


Our collab should be Easter related. That's my only requirement.


Okay so what should it be? @TheLogoMaster

Maybe Easter egg hunt?


@TheLogoMaster doesn't seem like your on I'm going to start working on it :blush:

It's going to be an Easter egg hunt


Ok, cool! Yeah, sorry. I just got on vacation and had a really long plane ride.


@Wookie I forgot to tag you.


Want me to help you on your Easter egg maker? I can make it so the designs don't get mixed up. @Wookie


Yeah can you start on it :blush: @TheLogoMaster


Ok. I will go start it.


Ok let me posts draft for you to work on @TheLogoMaster (save it to your drafts and then work on it)


I posted one check my page @TheLogoMaster


Tell me when you save it to drafts do I can delete it @TheLogoMaster


Your egg maker will definitely take some time to fix but I will try as fast as I can. @Wookie


What do you mean? Egg maker? Fix??? @TheLogoMaster


Ok. I saved it to my drafts. @Wookie


@TheLogoMaster what are you talking about


I saved the one called "For LogoMaster".


Yeah what were you talking about with an egg maker? @TheLogoMaster


Just forget about the first one I talked about. I messed up. @Wookie


Ok, start working on an Easter egg hunt and I'll be back on later I have to go do homework. @TheLogoMaster