TheGreatCatsby's General Topic (I'm sorry that sounds so up on myself!)



Hello! So I’ve decided to make a general topic for two reasons:
1. For my fellow bored friends like me rn who would like somewhere where they can just… be themselves!
2. So you can ask questions to anyone about coding and bugs and things like that
3. (Yes, I added another reason- I should really have thought this through; sorry, this topic is sorta off the cuff!) This is a friendly topic where people can meet new people and make amazing mates (I’m Aussie)

So, um… a few things about myself:
-I’m from Sydney
-I love otters soooo much and arctic foxes
-My fave artist is Panic!AtTheDisco
-My fave movies r:
-Jumanji (The old one)
-Mrs Doubtfire
-My fave things to code r trail art and quotes
-I love helping people out and making new friends
-I have a passion for writing, public speaking and debating

Awesome friends and coders I’ve met on the forum who may be interested in this topic:

These r just some people. If u know anymore who would be interested, feel free to @ them to this topic. I’m so sorry if I @'d u and u don’t wish to be part of the topic or I disturbed you! (Apologies) Have fun on this topic, feel free to ask questions, learn something new, and make new friends! Thanks so much for ur time, have a great day!





Hey, @Stal98! I hope u didn’t mind me tagging u on the topic :wink: just let me know anytime if you’d like me to untag u or anything if it gets too annoying

Thanks, TGC


Nope! I’m fine! As long as you don’t tag twice within 48 hours!


Ima tag you 5 times now :joy:
Lol jk maaaybe :joy:


oooo Australia. i herd the Australian embassy is pretty lit


Yey, we’re considered your friends!
Quick question: Which season is it in Australia?


Hey all it’s a me!!!


Hello! I am happy that you think that I am an awesome coder and/or friend. I think the same about you :slight_smile:


Hey, @TheGreatCatsby

Thanks for adding me on this topic! I also think you’re an awesome forumer!!!

I am looking forward to talking more!!


Thanks for tagging me! Can you tag me whenever you make projects?


Oh my I also like otters,making new friends, and public speaking!


Thanks for adding me!!! :grinning:


Hi, @yaygirls! In Australia rn, it’s still Summer but it’s definitely getting cooler :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
How about where u live?


Sure thing! Rn I’m working on so many different projects at once that I don’t know where to begin and where to finish :joy::joy:


Who knew, that’s awesome! I can tell we’re really going to hit it off :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Lol yep I just don’t live in Australia :neutral_face:


Hi, @Swati_Bang! No problemo, and thx! I look forward to sharing ideas, thoughts and tips in the future too!


Yeah! It’s getting colder down here in Melbourne… I’ve heard it’s pretty sticky up in Queensland tho


dude I love p!atd :000 and jumanji