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cool!! lol

are you doing anything atm


sports i play r soccer, swim, lax, and diving (and track meets) and i used to play an instrument heheh

annnnnd not really anything else…how about you?

oh god just realizing I sound like such a try hard


nicee, i don’t do any sports bc im horrible at them oofoof

the only real hobby i have is art?? skkajdksjd rip

it’s ok so do i loll


hahah that’s okay art is such a good skill to have!! like i can’t sing, dance, act, draw, etc. soooo ur pretty talented!


so are sports! it’s so cool that ur so active and stuff lol

i can’t dance or sing either haha


hehe thx!!


i don’t wanna go to school tomorrow ahqpwmwbkejehrpkqm


same :((( jaksjansjw


so sorry i have to go…hope I’ll be on sometime soon but if not, bye!


understandable! see you late/have a nice day haha




omg help i just broke my moms computer skskjakdja


Oh no that’s not good

What’s wrong with it? Maybe I can help


Broke in what way? Sorry I’m just looking at random things


the screen is frozen turned and black and the only thing that’s showing on it is the curser oof

i closed it rn (idk if it turned off tho) but ill open it in a few minutes


Try rebooting it?


the keyboard isn’t working so i can’t :(( but ty for suggesting!


Oh no.

Try doing a full system restart. Also try sleeping it and reopening and then rebooting.
Else leave it on, drain its battery completely, let it crash and stay wo battery for a bit, and then charge it


Oh great

Is there a reboot/power button or anything or is the screen totally irresponsive?


ill try that in a bit! ty lol

this’s like the third time this year that ive broken my moms computer oofie


Lol yw TD :DD

Lol off how’d you manage to do that? It’s just March lol