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im glad it does tho, ty!


Ok bye I got to go. Lol I have said this on about 3 different topics now.


I’ll be on tommorow tho a



I I it’s beautiful

Most perfectest egg I’ve ever seen



No problemo
It is the prettiest egg I’ve ever seen :,)


we stan a legend :’)


We do :’)

And we also Stan the legend that created the lengendary eggo


ty :’)

we also stan the legend who complimented the egg


No problem :))

Ahh but no legend has complimented these legends. Just an old Phoenix :’)


more like a legendary phoenix uwu


ÒwÓ I’m not a legendary Phoenix I’m an old ordinary Phoenix who’s out of likes

You spelled Phoenix right!! Congratulations
lol I remember when u kept spelling it wrong
Man that was forever ago


smh you are a very legendary phoenix, how dare

tysm lol

i actually used autocorrect to spell it but stilL :’))


Smh no. It’s been like 4 years and u still haven’t gotten the fact that I am no legend

Lol yvw.

TD, how could you. Are you ch.eating on your spelling test?


it’s been almost half a decade and you still haven’t realized youre a legend

i couldn’t help myself :’(


No I’m not a legend i can’t be

Lol it’s okay




what does this mean


lol I have no idea.
We were all so great back then lol we’d literally just say anything