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what’s up :oo


Idk just chilling ig.


same, im just scrolling through the forum lol


Lol yeah I’d post a wbf or smth but they got banned so rip


yeah lol, i can understand why they got banned but still skskskakk
also you know mya? I love her art style!


Yeah same

Dang it’s been a longgggg time since we’ve talked like this, normally lol


it’s also the first time in awhile ive talked to someone on the forum oof

it feels weird tbh


Hah history has a way of repeating itself in the weirdest ways lol

Yeah lol I get that


that’s true lol

what’s should we talk abo u t

edit: nvm i gtg sorry :((


Awwww rip okay well cya later


for your request thing for your anniversary im trying to draw you, and i was wondering if you could give me a description.

also if you don’t want to say what you look like, i can draw you a character or something


Aww ty but u rly don’t have to hah.
I don’t rly like saying what I look like so I’ll give u a description of my character for a story Apricity’s was writing

Name (what your character is called): Fea
Description of what they look like physically: tall, genderfIuid, bIoodred (almost black but not quite) skin, with glowing iridescent red tattoos everywhere. Long, black hair, gold eyes.
How they dress: Black cape, hood, rainbow tshirt, jeans, an occasional eye patch.
Personality: A pretty chill person once you get to know them. Kinda closed off at first. Super smart, very very skilled with any and every weapøn. Also is an amazing coder
Any extra things: Two sheathed swørds and a knïfe. Red lightsaber. Can shapeshift into a Phoenix, Panther, Raven or snake


it’s so windy outside rn wow


ok i went outside sksksk


I can hear the wind blowing ice across my window rn


oof, most of the snow is melting here but it’s still cold


It’s warm & cold here
Idk how that’s possible but yet here i am


i get what you me tho lol, it’s just cold here sadly


i dont think my hamster appreciates the sound the wind makes


i can see why lol, i kind of like the sound of the wind tbh haha

also sorry for the late reply i was just doing something