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ok cool

somebody on there was just claiming to be you so i was just wondering skakjskak


that troll claimed they were like three people in the span of a minute lol


Oof ok it’s not rlly me tho lol


yeah i believe you lol

@fearlessphoenix ill tag you whenever i make a wb!
wbf is also down for me rn, so do you wanna make a collab account? i can’t access padlet rn sorry


I saw some dude drawing clouds so i was like why not help him,

Didnt realize it was the troll until now lol


Isnt this the creeping troll that can enter any private wb in existence thats posted?


how did the village looked like b4 it got vandalized?


it got vandalized from the start


so u guys couldnt even start it then?


not really


how many buildings did u guys build b4 the whole thing got trolled?


one house


was it super detailed yogi style im assuming?


no it was really basic (i made it)

@fearlessphoenix ok thank you!! I can’t get on HS rn but ill do that when i get home.

also idk if the small text was outdated but what’s wrong :(((


one time i build a whole town a good 98% made by me, it was good, kinda like that giant doodle thing i made the other day but it was a town.




did the troller leave already?


what even is this garbage.

i dont use text lolazo


their talking to other people now so not really


also happy birthday