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@ raisin daddy @thedrawer eat me up hun :cowboy_hat_face::woozy_face:


No no do not! U cant b lasagna t series scumb


“Hey TD…
How are you?
I rly need a friend and/or hug”




hi haha

what’s up

@FearlessPhoenix. P


“Keep getting misgendered. People start flame-wearing because of that. Y’know the norm.
Sup with you Lloyd?”


that sucks :((

also if i ever misgender you please tell me!!

im fine


also btw i saw that you (a_metalhead) have regular, so could you edit my gt’s name to:
thedrawer’s general topic

thank you!!


"Yeah. No you’re cool TD.
I’m glad you’re fine.

You been drawing anything lately or anything?"-fp


Done :))
Fea told me to add the tag

No problem


Pactually yeah ive drawn a few things digitally a few days ago

tho idk if i have any pictures on my camera roll rn

also can you ask fp if they want me to draw anything for their anniversary :o


thank you again!


“Oh sic! Lol uhh right. It’s in like 20 days yeesh wow.
Nah you don’t have too. Im I never published or gave your your bday thing soo…”-fp

Don’t mention it, really.
Any friend of Fea’s is a friend of mine, and you were their first hs and Forum friend


"Nah you really really don’t have to.
Just maybe come on once and say hi, that’s enough of a gift "-fp


@randomowlsLC hi hi


hii hello


hi good morning


Late reply, good afternoon, hru


im ok, ty. hru


im goodd


that’s good, im glad you’re good