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Yeahhhh they should lift some coral while their at it too


I hate myself it’s they’re or they are not their that’s plural this is singular since it’s one fishy


and some finding Nemo Merch! Marlin dad is so inspirational to so many fishes like these


Exactly there should be like contests to get them for a cheaper price of sea pearls


Yay at least I did something right


time to take a 42 question test




Wait what


wow I’m just on time!

oh so yeah


Wait what
I’m still


He likes pickled pickles, eggs, mushrooms, but also pickled fish


oh, I’m meant I went back on the fourm on time when you replied


I’m so confused :cold_sweat: hahah


Sry but I’m not sure if I could do that. I am actually going 2 go now, so bye!



@TheDrawer, come back. We miss you. (At least I do)


Hey TD
I see ya

How’s life?


Can you be my Sugar Daddy?


Sugar Daddy the drawer eat me up o owoooo


s u g a r d a d d y!!!


Ah shucks! @randomowlsLC are u also a sugar daddy

  • Yes
  • Nono

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:man_bald:bald Lasagna raisin :vvvvvvv

it evriday boi when ur in the dis-new flow

yeet five mil

Never happened before yo!