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He likes pickled pickles, eggs, mushrooms, but also pickled fish


oh, I’m meant I went back on the fourm on time when you replied


I’m so confused :cold_sweat: hahah


Sry but I’m not sure if I could do that. I am actually going 2 go now, so bye!



@TheDrawer, come back. We miss you. (At least I do)


Hey TD
I see ya

How’s life?


Can you be my Sugar Daddy?


Sugar Daddy the drawer eat me up o owoooo


s u g a r d a d d y!!!


Ah shucks! @randomowlsLC are u also a sugar daddy

  • Yes
  • Nono

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:man_bald:bald Lasagna raisin :vvvvvvv

it evriday boi when ur in the dis-new flow

yeet five mil

Never happened before yo!


@ raisin daddy @thedrawer eat me up hun :cowboy_hat_face::woozy_face:


No no do not! U cant b lasagna t series scumb


“Hey TD…
How are you?
I rly need a friend and/or hug”




hi haha

what’s up

@FearlessPhoenix. P


“Keep getting misgendered. People start flame-wearing because of that. Y’know the norm.
Sup with you Lloyd?”


that sucks :((

also if i ever misgender you please tell me!!

im fine


also btw i saw that you (a_metalhead) have regular, so could you edit my gt’s name to:
thedrawer’s general topic

thank you!!


"Yeah. No you’re cool TD.
I’m glad you’re fine.

You been drawing anything lately or anything?"-fp


Done :))
Fea told me to add the tag

No problem