TheDrawer's General Topic



Well this is just my general topic ask me questions and stuff ^u^
And Credit to anyone who made a general topic
Also just to be clear

#Also please don’t change the title anymore(it’s getting so long) sorry


How good am I at trail art?

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  • Ok
  • Good
  • You need more practice
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Am I nice?

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  • Yes
  • Ok
  • try practicing a bit more
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Am I positive?

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  • You’re alright
  • You’re good
  • You might need to work on that a bit more ;D
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How did you get your name?

When did you join HS?

Are you in art class?

What time is it there?

Did you draw your profile picture?

Do you have siblings?




Who's ur fav Hopscotcher?

Fav Hopscotch character?

Favorite singer?

(that one off topic question tho XD)


Also I really love your art


Do you also code other then draw?

Did you make a draw pad for yourself yet?

Is hopscotch the only drawing tool you have on your device?


Thanks ^u^ ü


I don't have a favorite singer either (mostly bc i can't choose)
And ありがとう for the compliment, art senpai!
*thank you


No problemo, also nice profile pic


Also does anyone have any trail art ideas?




Thanks I'll start working on it


What is your favorite thing to do in Hopscotch?


Make trail art and the community and how people can draw or code and get to chose what to do.


Btw, your topics not that boring :3


Ya it's getting kind of interesting, I also can't think of a name XD


Yep. Haha

I keep thinking about StarryDream'S general topic :smile:

Go look at it, it's funny


You're amazhang. Deal with it.


How did you change the tile(is it because your regular),
Well anyways I changed it to a better one XD


Yeah it is.

Much better!