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Hi! I have seen other people do these so I am.

Please ask me questions here.

I will post updates here; not art club though; u can check that on the garden art club one.

So ya! Plz start asking! I will reply pretty fast.



I am starting to do pixel art! I am taking requests for humans and animals. Plz request!


Okay do me!


Skin Olive Tone

Hair Color Hazelnut with Purple Highlights

Hair Style Long Hair and Wavy

Glasses Black and Hot Pink Stripes with Square Lenses

Shirt Light Purple Crop Top

Pants Ripped Jeans Color Light Blue

Shoes Plain Black Flats

Bracelet Purple Beads with a Sliver Cross


Ok... might take a while. It will be done within a week I hope!


Take your time!

I can wait!



Thx so much! Your the best!


Thank you very much!

You are very nice!


So sorry! I have been busy! It'll be finished soon, @Sweetlina


HI guys! I know I have not been on in a while.... I'm REALLY sick, so I have not been on too much in case you were wondering! BTW I am closing pixel art requests, and opening trail art! (Probs will not be good), but could somebody tell me the newest features since I have not been on lately? I really want to know.


Hi everyone! Plz come chat