TheBloomingGardens general topic! PLZ CLICK ON THIS Freind list below if u click on this! Also adding to friend list! Yay! BTW there will be daily polls! Daily poll: Who is ur biggest inspiration on HS?


This is my general topic, as u can see
BTW my hopscotch account is SnowyChocolate
This is also Q&A!!!
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Hello @TheBloomingGarden, how long have you been on hopscotch?


Mmm.... well I have had many accounts. When I started it was May 2016


It's cool how you do a mix of coding and art!


Thank you! I try to do a variety of things to see what fits me.


I'm just gonna tell you all now...
My old account was.....
Crazy, right?


What should I code for trail art? I don't have any ideas!


Someone plz come on... Im bored !


How about you favorite animal?

Also, hai @TheBloomingGarden!
How are you today? :D


Good, how are you?
Great Idea. I'll do a deer.


Can I add u to the freind list??


Sure! I would love that! :0


Yay!!! I'll add u this instant!!!


Thanks! And I'm good, thanks for asking! :3


Sure. (:


Hi! It's very late for me, so goodnigt


Goodnight! Its only 3:43 here.


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Heres a poll about ur fav thing to do on hopscotch!
I wanna see what most people do on HS!