The Z position in hopscotch



So,in HS,we have y and x coordinates. Why not Z coordinates? Is it possible to calculate Z in hopscotch?


We do have z coordinates.

It can be changed with the bring to front and send to back blocks.

It’s probably possible to create a go to () layer block by modifying the webplayer. I forgot the specific method you’d need though. (If anyone’s interested I think I saw that the layers are an array, not sure though. I didn’t pay attention)

But it’d be easier to just create one in Hopscotch.


I’ve never seen Z coordinates in HS


you mean not as set position z


Z is depth, and no you cannot mod the webplayer to change it as far as I know. It has to be coded in the app for it to exist and be used. The webplayer just tells the app what block to show. The code for the block is in the app’s code. Unless depth is an object variable built in the Webplayer, which is possible but unlikely


So,how can we code it in the app?


Bring to front and send to back are basically the same thing


How would z work in a two dimensional screen?


Can it only work in a three dimensional screen


Bring to front+send to back are two inaccurate examples.



Technically, yes.