The word RP is stuck in filter?!


i mean you could just make a hs account together and talk in draft but?? okay

and like if u want to rp that much then at least have coding inside them ://




Maybe they did it for a reason.

To stop RPs from clogging up the forum the same way it’s littering Hopscotch.

Good move, THT!

(Ok it’s just a joke but maybe it’s a bug too)


@dogwithapen, here’s the topic,


Yeah because people make drawing pads so others can use them. That uses coding. But most people who make RPs for others to use don’t exactly do much coding in them, do they?
Mostly I’ll see a texts made small… and sometimes a title… or a background if we’re really lucky. I think thats where the distinction between them lies.


You shouldn’t even be trying to do RP. Do it on some other app. Hopscotch is for CODING!!!


Lots of people don’t like it either.


Can someone screenshot a pic of HS
I want to see what the community looks like now


I guess this could be the reason all my art projects are in the filter


rp could stand for rape? idk


Yee I already said that. It’s probably not that though

some screenshots

tbh it’s mostly just chat/rps now .-.


Gender quizzes are?? The worst???
There are more than 2 genders you dips


Cool our boi is back
Do u have Instagram


ikr?? they’re frankly just disgusting??

yeah!! and like they’re practically based on stereotypes


I agree, even though im a girl they always call me a boy and I get offended, one question is cats or dogs and it annoyed me, is one gender supposed to like cats and dislike dogs? I feel it’s not right


I made one once randomly then realized it was too contreversial, like you guys are saying. I deleted it for those reasons. Never make that mistake again though.

Not sure if I spelled contreversial right… XD


dont assume genders


I assume you’re a girl, right?



oh haha

no im not

but i get the joke