The word RP is stuck in filter?!


I don’t know why, but the word RP is getting stuck in filter. This is a big problem. Help?


Umm… maybe because too many people are RPing instead of coding

HAHA first like and reply!


Roleplay. Eh no it’s not?


I don’t think that’s the problem… Hopscotch is made for creativity and they should be able to RP, since it’s very imaginative. Anyway, it would probably cause a lot of HSers to leave if they couldn’t RP.


Hmmmm, or maybe they thought it could be used as a shortened version of a very inappropriate word that rhymes with :grapes:… but I don’t think that’s a reason that they should block it…


I bet it is because they don’t want you Role Playing in Hopscotch


Yeah, or maybe your project was in the filter for another reason?


i mean y’all do have like fifty other apps to rp in other than hs but okay

and also most rps don’t even have code in them so


No, I made a project saying only ‘rp’ in it, nothing else, and bam filter.


Oh wow!
It can happen that a project is in the filter for no reason…
Like this one time I just had a bunch of flower emojis dancing, and it was in the filter


This might be a bug or an actual word in the filter. We should ask @awesomeonion or someone else from THT about this.


Well, a few people remixed my project saying ‘rp’ and it got stuck in the filter


Oh, wow
I gusss RP really is in the filter


And it should be

Roll playing and art destroyed hopscotch im my opinion


That is weird!

This is not happening to me, but if it is happening to you than you should totally contact a member from THT!


Not be mean or anything, but I do not RPs. They clutter up Hopscotch, and they should just use some other app or something to do that, in my opinion. :expressionless:


yeah!! like ppl can say they are “”creative”” all they want but ngl that’s just a weak excuse and argument

like u literally have a gajillion other apps,, meant for rps only and u choose a coding app. like if u wanna rp at least add stuff other than text


Thanks for understanding, @TheDrawer !


Or… the forum. Which is random and off topic enough for this to be normal.


Well, some people might want to rp with a friend they can only rp with on HS. For example, PSK isn’t allowed to have anything else and so the only way to chat with her is on HS. Although HS is a coding app, people should still have the right to do whatever they want so long as it isn’t innapropriate or mean. I mean, art isn’t coding either, but it’s still accepted by most.