The Wishing Topic


Do you have a wish of something that could happen in Hopscotch or the forum? I want to help spread positivity and grant wishes to people. (Or atleast try to)

Things I cannot do

  1. Start parties
  2. Anything against the rules
  3. Anything leader of mod related
  4. Get you featured

But I really want to help make people's day, so I'll try my best.

Things I can do

  1. Make projects
  2. Draw things
  3. Help write stories
  4. Give ideas
  5. Really depends.

Wish Lists

@GysvANDRegulus's Wishlist
  1. Chook drawing
  2. More people wishing for stuff
  3. Chook trail art

Thicks 4 maeking this topic! It really helps that someone is trying to maek people happy! :D

@Rainboom's Wishlist
  1. Get noticed (sorry if you can't do a that!)
  2. Everyone to call me da apple
  3. Learn sin and cos
  4. Trail art of baymax

Waiting List


How does this work?

Edit in your wish list under the line below "Wish Lists" with a format like this:

Username's Wish List
  1. Blah
  2. Blah blah
  3. Stuff
  4. Potato

If you don't know how to do that look in the editor :3 please only add your wish list and do not change anything else

After that I will put your username on the waiting list and I will try to grant your wishes!


Great topic! :D

Again, I love what you're doing. :3

Keep it up! :3


Thank you :3

I appreciate it :3


You're welcome! :3

This is awesome. :DD


AWESOME TOPIC!!1!1!1!1!!1!!11! :D

Would you like me to put this topic in wiki/world edit/note-pad mode? :3


Yes please Lamsp Blueverry Juts :3


Done! I put it on le wiki mode. :D


This is a really neat idea, and a really neat topic!
Good luck with your wish-granting! :D


If I weren't out 'o laiks (again cX)
I would give this one

Have a cookie
(・ω・)ノ Gices cookie :cookie::cookie:


What does gices mean? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


It's slang for gives!

Gices more cookies yeeeey (・ω・)ノ


Ooooooh! Ok! Gices cookie to @OnceUponATime for explaining!


I'm learning!

Put your name instead of Patrick!



Ok @GysvANDRegulus first answer this question please: what is a "Chook"? :)


A chook is slang for chicken! :D


Here you go!


@Rainboom here is for one of your wishes :D


Thanks a bunch!

I've already looked at that, but thanks anyway p! :D:D:D:D


Cool topic! Here's a cookie 'cause I'm hungry :cookie: