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Laser Tag (V 1.3)

~In this update you can now~

  • Buy coins from the new Coin Shop! :moneybag:
  • Choose between different background themes :bridge_at_night: :night_with_stars::national_park:
  • Move around with faster FPS! :man_technologist:
  • Check out the new boss faces :frog:

~Stuff to be fixed~

  • Music :musical_note:
  • Enemy Physics
  • Player Skins
  • Instructions

Bug Reports
If you want to submit a bug report, fill out the form below and tag me!

Where did this bug occur?
What happened?
What was supposed to happen?
Here’s a screenshot of the bug: (insert a screenshot here)

I really appreciate all the support I’ve been getting, if you have a suggestion for anything please tag me!



Major Announcement
As you might know, my game Laser Tag will no longer be getting updates,
I explained this in this post here. I have lost motivation and I’ll be sort of “starting over” and will instead work on smaller and more quality projects.
I had felt slightly discouraged and stressed since I had started the seed developer program inexperienced, so from now on I’ll be working on improving my coding skills with each new project I publish.

Projects I publish will now be a lot simpler and will (hopefully) be a lot better in terms of quality.

Anyway, if you’d like to be tagged for any future beta testing you can vote in the poll! :))

Beta Testers?
  • I want to be tagged for beta testing
  • I want to be tagged for updates
  • I want to be tagged for updates and beta testing
  • I don’t want to be tagged

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Thank you


As in, I’ll be working on better projects, not starting over with my current one


You should never feel stressed while coding in Hopscotch, and for that reason, I completely respect your decision to work on other things. Although, I might still play your Laser Tag game despite the bugs haha. Bigger isn’t always better, and I think more of us should remember that :upside_down_face:

I’m excited for these new projects to come out, and I’m almost completely sure I’ll be addicted to all of them :heart:


Unless it is dessert lol


Very true haha


Thank you :))


No problem :D.


I second that. Nicely put.


Ah, thank you :blush:
It took me around 20 minutes to write that haha :sweat_smile:

Project Updates group


Just a quick announcement!

New projects are on the way!
Make sure to check my profile for upcoming projects!

I’ve planned this out a bit, and I’ve decided to work on creating Trail Arts and Shape Arts for now, then later work on more larger-scale games


Very pretty backgrounds and a cool flashlight, too.


I love all of the three projects you’ve just linked! Especially the gradient rocks, those were truly amazing.
I’m looking forward to trail arts and shape arts from you in the future!

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